physical benefits of yoga

– what yoga can do for you –

Over the years I have been practicing I have found that along with the amazing transformative physical benefits, one of the most valuable gifts yoga brings me is increased peace of mind. I like to focus not only on the wonderful physical side of the practice, but also on the mental and spiritual. By incorporating mindfulness meditation techniques into the yoga practice we can gain more mental and emotional benefits which enhances the healing and health of the whole being.

The word ‘yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit ‘yog’ which means ‘yoke’ as in ‘to join’ – union of mind, body, spirit, as well as the more subtle meaning of connection to a higher consciousness. The effects of yoga on the nervous system and the mind are phenomenal, and I have experienced first hand the healing effects in this area.


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your mood

It is well known that posture affects mood, and when we are low or feeling depressed our shoulders tend to slump forwards and our chest sinks. It is also a fact that, reversing that equation, posture can affect mood, and by practicing different postures we can literally shift our energy and help to improve our state of mind.