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I love Anne-Marie’s yoga class. For me it has a wonderful balance between being challenging and energising as well as calming and relaxing. The guidance for the poses are spot on. She brings something new to the class every time; her enthusiasm for yoga and her vitality are inspiring. She usually makes me giggle too, which is always a bonus!

Terrie Sawyer

Anne Marie is a very thoughtful and experienced yoga teacher, with a gift for making yoga really accessible. She is brilliant at communicating, whilst maintaining a wonderful flow to the practise. Her classes include a rich variety of breathing exercises, mindfulness, body-awareness, and opening stretches in amongst the asanas. Her passion for yoga, and her light-hearted approach rub off on me and carry me through the week! Thanks Anne Marie!

Jo Pickard

I began yoga as a way to get fit. It has become so much more to me now. It has given me a new understanding of myself both mentally and physically. To untie the knots in both respects, is priceless, for what I gain as a result is piece of mind, and an improved attitude towards life in general. To have a guide through this journey of discovery is beyond measure. Anne-Marie encapsulates unity with her open-mindedness, empathy and compassion. In encouraging respect for self, she sparks enthusiasm in others. I cannot recommend this practice highly enough!


Anne-Marie is a great teacher – the classes are challenging (I go to beginners’ in St Just) but well-explained and she doesn’t treat us like fools – good explanations of the moves and how they work for us. And the guided relaxation at the end of the session was extraordinary! next day, I know my body’s worked, but also makes me feel great (I have MS, and lovely to be understood on that and supported through the moves). Recommended!

Amanda Pickering

As a relative beginner with yoga I cannot recommend Anne Marie highly enough. Great focus on alignment and getting the most out of each pose based on each person. For me the cornerstone of Anne Marie’s classes has to be her ability to get me to become more mindful with my yoga practice – this mindfulness follows me from the class and stays with me. Her welcoming and friendly nature makes for a warm feeling from her classes.

Emma Milligan Ford

The most brilliant yoga teacher I have ever had. Truly inspiring. Love your classes!

Claire Tilsley